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Unagi (eel) is delicious.. but.. its fustrating when i start to think that its around the same price as being able to play gacha* ten times.

* (gachapon) - coin operated toy capsule vending machine, similar to the ones where you put 20c in and a lolly comes out. 

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★┷┓ ┃み┃ ┃ん┃ ┃な┃ ┃の┃ ┃喉┃ ┃に┃ ┃う┃ ┃な┃ ┃ぎ┃ ┃の┃ ┃骨┃ ┃が┃ ┃刺┃ ┃さ┃ ┃り┃ ┃ま┃ ┃す┃ ┃よ┃ ┃う┃ ┃に┃ ┗━★

-written in the format of how one would write down a wish/prayer-

Soraru: I wish that unagi (eel) bones will be stuck in everyone’s throats. 

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To the people who are tweeting pictures of unagi (eel) please stop! There are people here who don’t have that luxury* !? Please think of people’s feelings! Please think of the effect that you have on other people! I can’t believe it! I’m going to block them**! Please reflect upon your actions! Please give me a bite!!***

*  (literal meaning: people who can’t eat it) - but that translation might lead people to think that he was allergic or something.

** and *** Thanks to sailorenna for their corrections!!

planning to re-live this blog. with different content.

Since I have moved from my home I hardly able to meet my bunnies and take pictures of them. My sis is just too bad at photography.

Anyway, I’m currently doing school project about bunny.. and I draw a lot of bunnies. So I think, why don’t I share there cute drawings?

please look forward to it!